Santa Claus Melon, Pear Nectar and Mint Smoothie


Melons are in season. So, if you live in Southern Ontario and you are looking for varieties other than cantaloupe or honeydew, now is your chance to go crazy and experiment. We’ve tried a number of different types of melon and have decided that our absolute favourite is the Santa Claus melon. Who knew we would fall for the Santa Claus melon? We are definitely crazy! The name, by the way, is derived from its late season harvest but I like to think of it as getting a special present from Santa, every time I take a bite. The sweetness is delightful and subtle and as soon as the kids spot it on the counter they ask for it. They can spot it a mile away (it’s pretty easy to spot, mind you). Even the flesh of the fruit is so lovely, with a very pale green hue. I think we are responsible for the shortage at the grocery store. Our consumption of this fruit is almost embarrassing. While we have also enjoyed other varieties like the Crenshaw, which is super sweet, slightly spicy and a beautiful orange colour, my kids still prefer the Santa Claus melon. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the “standard” melon, such as cantaloupe and honeydew, it’s just that our store doesn’t carry these other “exotic” melons, come the Fall. So, we feel as though we need to enjoy them before they are gone, gone, gone…until next summer. That can feel like an eternity.

I have to admit, this post feels a bit like a cop-out. All that’s required of this recipe is a really ripe, sweet melon, such as the Santa Claus or Crenshaw variety, pear nectar and some mint leaves. Blend, then you are done. Simple. Simple things really are the best and worth sharing. This smoothie is so refreshing on those hot summer days, I think it’s worth the post!


Our favourite – The Santa Claus Melon!


I loved the colour of the melon. It just says summer and melon.


I blended the melon with pear nectar and mint. I prefer to include another juice when blending melon. I find it less pulpy that way (is pulpy even a word?) I find it more drinkable, is that better?


I blended the three ingredients together using a hand-held mixer. It’s perfect for making smaller portions. You can also use a blender.

L. M. and J. all enjoying their favourite melon in a smoothie. I gave them “fancy” glasses so they felt grown-up.


Melon, Pear Nectar and Mint Smoothie Recipe

  • 250 ml pear juice
  • 1/2 of a Santa Claus melon, seeds removed and cubed
  • 6 mint or spearmint leaves, washed


Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend. As with any smoothie vary the quantities, depending on preferences.


2 thoughts on “Santa Claus Melon, Pear Nectar and Mint Smoothie

  1. Wonderful! Learning so much. I am from the good old days when it was a treat just to have cantaloupe! Mrs. R. I may have sent this twice

  2. Love this and I am learning so much about melons. I am from the good old days and it was a treat to have cantaloupe! Mrs. R

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